Hi my name is Marguerite.


Marguerite’s are big daisy’s that pop up everywhere in June.

I have popped up to tell you about my illustrations and the various products that I hope you will enjoy.

I like to Design and create all sorts of Arty things; including posters, notebooks and mugs.


My Designs reflect a scriptural message and encouraging picture.

The conservatory table, at my home in Surrey is the hub of my creativity. I frequently move onto the kitchen table when it gets too hot.


One of my first designs Ask Seek Knock. Started with a key hole. Wondering what was on the other side of the door and how to get through. This is basically how I feel about so many things; including Art, life and the people I meet through my daily life. I enjoy seeing God open up opportunities or things I may have missed with my own eyes.

I like to use water colour and mixed media to create pictures which tell a story. The inspiration comes from the bible and trying to work things out.

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